Targeted Success.

We're successful because we go for growth. That's why we conduct market-oriented research and development and search for solutions for the chemistry of tomorrow.

Профиль и организация

The Chemicals Business Area operates in attractive areas of specialty chemicals, a field in which it ranks among the top global players. We are already positioned among the market leaders in more than 80 percent of our activities and we are systematically increasing this position.

Business Units

Our operating activities are grouped in six operating business units which are allocated to the Chemicals Business Area. The business units are supported by the new Site Service Organization.

Advanced IntermediatesНеорганические материалыРешения для клиентовЗдоровье и питаниеПокрытия и добавкиВысокотехнологичные и инженерные полимеры

Further information

Find out more about our six business units on our global website. (english)